Soular Therapy Astrological Heavenly Body eau de toilette - Aquarius

Soular Therapy Astrological Heavenly Body eau de toilette - Aquarius

Soular Therapy
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Brand: Soular Therapy


  • January 20 - February 18
  • Aquarius is best represented by the color electric blue, it emanates free thinking and clarity. It is the color of air and water.
  • Your element is air, influencing a cognitive and expressive nature. Chamomile and Eucalyptus accentuates your astrological characteristics.
  • Drawing inspiration from centuries old formulations, essential plant and floral oils combine to create a naturally fresh, truly unique, perfume quality scent unlike anything you've experienced before. Wear the signature scent of your sign, the sign with which you often identify, or the scent of a loved one to create an incredibly personal sensory experience.
  • To further inspire, spray to freshen your surroundings and awaken a new level of focus and ability. Whatever the application, illuminate your soul and spirit with Soular Therapy's Heavenly Body, the fragrance you were born to experience.

Details: Turn your body into a heavenly body with a refreshing and energizing unisex skin scent you can take anywhere to heighten your senses and release the power of your sign.